ThingsCon Amsterdam; two days in 2016!

We can announce that our next ThingsCon Amsterdam conference will take place in December again and we do a two day edition this year! We created a new website that will have all information. Find the website via

Thingscon is a conference about the future of the hardware business, with a special focus on the Internet of Things and the design of new products and services that combine software and hardware. ThingsCon 2015 took place on December 4th at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. Watch the aftermovie:

Find the reports on the day here on this site.

Keep an eye on this site for announcements on the next ThingsCon Amsterdam!

One day on design and making of the new products

Thingscon started as a Berlin based event that has already had two successful editions. The Berlin event is two days, and has an international audience. Thingscon Amsterdam is organised independently, but can draw on the international network of speakers.

ThingsCon Amsterdam is organised by (Iskander Smit), The Incredible Machine (Marcel Schouwenaar) and Monique van Dusseldorp, in close cooperation with Thingscon Berlin.
Co-organising and supported by CLICKNL, Amsterdam Creative Industries Network and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences School of Digital Media and Creative Industries.
Information on location and more speakers will be announced later. Follow us here or at @ThingsConAMS.


We like to build the Thingscon community further.
If you want to participate, let us know via and we will get in touch.